Dr Shane Arpas

Chiropractor & Wellness Coach

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Hi, I’m Dr. Shane! I want to help you Be Better

My Story

I’m Dr. Shane Arpas, a Chiropractor in Wetherill Park NSW with over 20 years of experience and expertise. I’ve obtained a Masters Degree from Maquarie University in Chiropractic , and a Bachelors Degree from Sydney University in Orthoptics. As a Chiropractor, my professional intrests include: Pinched Nerves, Discs, and Vertigo.
In the span extending over 20 years, I have seen to over 10,000 different patients, performed more than 100,000 adjustments, and seen tens of thousands different presentations of various conditions.

My Values & Beliefs

Find the Cause of the Problem

Exam and diagnosis is key. Finding the root cause of a problem and solving that, generally leads to better, susutained recovery

Personally See Each Patient

I See to Each patient personlly, and perform all treatments by my own hands. My patients benifit from over 20 years in expertise. they are not seen to by a graduate or intern.

Prevent the Problem from Arising Again

Education and information is the key to preventing the problem from arising again. I provide considerable effort in education of simple, but betterways to perform tasks and activities, to prevent the problem from arising again.

My Approach

Finding the cause of the problem, personally seeing to each patient, and prevention education, is the core of the approach.

Finding the root cause of a problem, and fixing that, is much better than managing a symptom that is recurring.

I also have  strong intrest in seeing to each patient personally, It gets good results, and that helps my patients.

Prevention education is the pillar of stopping further episodes devloping in the future. Usually is simple, but different wasy to perfom the same activity, but without causing harm.

Dr Shane Arpas

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