Your First Visit

Your chiropractor may be treating your muscle or joint pain, but he or she needs to understand how your body functions as a whole. In particular he or she will focus on your spine, joints, muscles, and nervous system. Your Doctor of chiropractic needs a complete picture of your health history and overall current health in order to provide the best possible treatment for you.
Set aside at least 45 minutes for your first visit to the chiropractic clinic. Future visits typically last 15 minutes or so. Here’s what you might expect

The First Visit

Your intern may ask about the following

  • personal and family medical history
  • major illnesses
  • surgeries or operations
  • prescription or over the counter medications
  • a description of your present condition
  • steps you have taken to manage your condition
  • diet and exercise routine
  • herbal remedies and other supplements
  • your sleeping habits, daily activities, work routine, stress level, and home life