Ergonomic setup

A proper setup improves productivity, so you get the work done faster.

Chair Setup

  1. A stool is best.
  2. Set the stool high, so that your thighs and angled down
  3. There is no need for back support with this method.

Note: if using a traditional chair:

  1. set the chair height tall
  2. sit toward the front of the chair, this will allow your thighs to tilt down.

The secret to the perfect setup, is tilting your thighs downward.

dr. Shane.


  1. Set the desk to the height of your elbow, and slightly bellow.
  2. This allows the keyboard to naturally sit at the elbow height.


  1. The monitor should be at eyelevel to the top half of the screen, and about 33 – 40 cms from your eyes [ depending on font size.
  2. If you are leaning in to see the monitor, either bring it closer to you, or increase the font size.
    [use CTRL and the PLUS key together].

Laptop usage

When using a laptop for prolonged work:

  1. Use a laptop dock.
  2. extra keyboard
  3. extra mouse

In this way, the laptop is used as a monitor and storage, and you can extend your work times without pain.