Common causes

Food reactions – Hormones – Nerve Irritation – Neck strain – * The nerves control the blood vessels of the brain. The nerves can be irritated by spinal pressure, hormones or chemicals. This causes the blood vessles to spasm, and results in a migraine

What can I do to help me get better?

Avoid migraine triggers, such as lights and glare Improve your posture so that the nerves causing migraines are not strained Alter your diet, to avoid the chemicals [even in healthy food] which can cause a migrain Balance you hormone cycle to reduce the migraines Maintain a proper sleep pattern and rest Keep a migraine diary

Treatment Options

Spinal Manipulation of the upper back is very usefull in stabalizing the nerves of the sympathetic nervous system which controlls the blood vessels of the brain. Postural retraining also stops the mechanical stress. Manipulation of the lower back in women can help to reduce migraines. Reducing lower back pain, improves the menstual hormone cycle and reduces the hormonal component of a migraine headache.