Treatments that are recommended

Pain relieving medication
Pain relieving medication such as paracetamol can be prescribed.
Advice about posture
Advice about how to sit and stand correctly can be helpful in addition to maintaining usual activities and exercising.
Passive joint mobilisation
A therapist gently and repetitively moves the joints in the neck region to reduce pain and restore normal movement in the neck. This can be used if it reduces your symptoms.
Spinal manipulation
A therapist applies a gentle quick single thrust to the joint to the limit of its range of movement. This produces a clicking sound. The manipulation aims to reduce pain and restore motion. It can be used if it reduces your symptoms.

What can I do to help me get better?

Gently exercise your neck to restore movement and flexibility and to ensure that the muscles are acting to support your neck.

Try to stay active. Do as many of your normal activities as possible. Staying active helps you to recover more quickly.

Relaxing both body and mind will help you manage any pain more easily. Remember lessen the strain and have less pain.

Stay at work if you can. People who stay at work after an accident recover more quickly than those who take time off.

Don’t use a collar without advice from your doctor or therapist. Most people don’t need to use collars, and using one may unnecessarily slow your recovery.