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Postural Setting

Your posture is the window to spinal health

Health Coaching

Health is more than the absence of disease

Stress Management

Physical, mental, and emotional stress, destroy our health

Wellness Advice

wellness is the persuit of optimal health

My Approach

Find the root cause of the problem. Fix that. Leave it alone.
The first step is a proper and correct diagnosis of what exactly is underlying the problem.
A detailed exam, assessment, and Xray images are used to identify the causes.
: create a plan to fix the problem.
:create a plan to adress the underlying issues
:creat a plan to stop the problem comming back.

This is how I belive optimal health is achieved.
Not by Masking the problem with painkillers and drugs, which do nothing to address the underlying issues.

Postural rehabilitation, Corrective  Exercise, correct nutrition, stress management, and Ergonomics are at the core of the treatment.


Dr Shane Arpas

How It Works

Schedule a 1:1 Exam

Take the first step and book an exmaination and initital consultation


Choose a Coaching Plan

Choose from casual or a commitment

Reach Your Goals

Work together to get the result that you want.

Health Investment Options



extended visit

Single visit complex treatment

Ergonomics $135 Extra

Exercise $120 Extra

Examinations $150 Extra

Xray Report $160 Extra

Best choice

Pre Paid


save $825

12 visits included

$65 per visit

Ergonomic Training included Save $135

Exercise Prescriptions included Save $120

Examinations included Save $150

Xray Report included $160



no commitment

1 standard chiropractic adjustment session

Exercise $120 Extra

Examinations $150 Extra

Xray Report $160 Extra

Ergonomics $135 Extra

Note: 24 hour notice to cancel or rebook is required or the Full Fee will be charged.

The pre paid option is only available to select cases.
The Pre-paid option is not to be used in place of Casual visits.
The first payment is for 12 visits, the following payments may be for 6 or 12 visits.
The 12 visits expire within 6 weeks. The 6 Visits expire in 3 weeks.