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Corrective Care Vs Crisis Care

Corrective Care Seeks to:
: Correct the CAUSE of the problem.
: Reverse the damage
: Have a structured plan to meet goals.
: Exercise and Exam visits included in fee.
: upfront payment

Crisis Care Seeks to:
: Manage or reduce pain and flare ups
: slow the worsening over time.
: book and pay as you go.

Good Days and Bad Days

A good or bad days are effected by the following:
:Physical stress:- lifting, sitting, work, posture.
:Emotional Stress:- annoyances, home, work.
:Chemical Stress:- pesticides, allergens , viruses.

When Physical, emotional, and chemical stress is in our favour, we have a good day, if not, we have a bad day.

As you improve and progress, your worse day will be better than the best day when you started.

Frequency of Adjustments

Adjustments [ “cracking” ] , hold in the body for 24 – 48hrs before wearing off. This is becasuse the nerves and ligaments are fatigued and damaged, and thus they “burn out”.
I’ts like asking an injured person to hold a heavy bag of concrete. As the injury recovers, that person can “HOLD” the bag of concrete longer.

Recovery Experience

Different tissue heals at different times, so most people see waves of improvement.
Acute conditions: 7 -14 days
Ligaments : 6-8 weeks
Discs: 8-12 weeks
Joints: 4 – 6 months
Nerves: 3 – 6 months

Phase and recovery time

How long a problem has been there, partly determines how long it will take to recover.
Phase 1 [early] 0-5 years: 3 – 6 months
Phase 2 [moderate] 5 -10: 8 – 12 moths
Phase 3 [severe] 15+: 18-24 months